Very Happy Kitty

About Us

Who, What, and Why VeryHappyKitty?

Hi there cat lovers and welcome to VeryHappyKitty’s furry corner of the Internet. We are a small team of cat fans (fanatics, really), owners and fosterers with decades of experience under our belts. This website was created with the intention to share the knowledge we’ve been accumulating over the years with other cat parents in hopes of building a better world for our feline companions. 

So how do we do this? First, we make use of our very own experiences with kittens, adult cats and elderly felines. Then, we consult various other people, and sometimes organizations too, including veterinarians, trainers, behaviorists, and of course, other researchers and writers. Because each member (currently just five of us!) of our small VerryHappyKitty family owns at least one cat, we’re all constantly trying out different feline goods and products. This includes cat food, supplements, treats, litters, toys… you name it, it’s highly likely we’ve tried it. The plan is to put our experiences and opinions – both positive and negative – about such products to good use by sharing them with other pet owners. Basically, we’d like to make every single kitty in this world a very happy kitty indeed.

What Sets VeryHappyKitty Apart From Other Websites?

While there may be countless of similar pet websites out there, we find that many –if not most – operate solely for profit. Granted, we understand that it takes time and a lot of effort to run a website, so earning a few dollars here and there via affiliate links is perfectly fine (we do it too!).  The problem we see everywhere, even with super-popular cat websites, is that earning money comes first and feline well-being comes second – at best. Our goal is to change that. We promise to never promote or positively review any product or service that we (and our cats)  genuinely don’t like and believe in.

Another thing that differentiates VeryHappyKitty from the sea of similar websites is that we deeply care about our environment, specifically environmental sustainability. Therefore, we’ll never recommend plastic cat toys, silica clay litters, synthetic bedding, chemical-laden grooming and cleaning products and other environmentally harmful merchandise. Instead, VeryHappyKitty will focus on green, sustainable cat foods, eco-friendly litters, natural grooming products and other eco and high-quality cat goods. Of course, we do realize it’s practically impossible to completely avoid plastic products in a modern society. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to at least reduce our consumption of them, does it? We think we can and we should.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions, you are very welcome to share them with us! All of our blogs and buying guides will be open to comments, and you can always write us an email too.